Kuria 6 Bedroom 2 Bathroom 2 Garage 1200n2 ft2

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sale Kuria   Hungary   Heves  county  Noszvaj    sale price  65 millio ft  213 000 €

The mansion was built after a long process of careful planning in Noszvaj (north eastern Hungary). This is traditional mansion built in a wonderful, extremely tranquil, quiet environment according to the ancient Hungarian architectural traditions with eastern-western orientation.
In the course of the planning :
-    the Eastern-Western orientation
-     the ratio of the height, width and length,
-    the position and size (planned according to the rule of the golden section) were all taken into consideration.
Only high quality natural building materials were used. The walls (thickness 60cm) are made from top-grade bricks with a heat transfer coefficient of 0,2-0,3 KW/m2. The beam floors are made of red pine. Rare wood types are also found in the house along with hand-painted Italian floor tiles.
There are six rooms, an open-plan kitchen with a huge living-room, a dining-room, two bathrooms, a giant wardrobe. There is a separated area for guests.
The house is suitable for multiple purposes eg. family house for several generations, hunting lodge, retirement-home, guest-house, company holiday home etc.
The energy needs of the mansion were minimized therefore it is a passive-house. Heating and hot-water is provided by geo-thermal energy. Drinking water is provided by an own well whose laboratory-tested water is of excellent quality. As s result, the maintenance cost of the mansion is only: 100-120 Euros (!) in winter, and approx. 50 Euros during the months when heating is not required.
The mansion is situated in a picturesque location at the foot of the Bükk mountains surrounded by thermal hot water spas (within a circle of 20 kilometers: Bogács, Mezőkövesd, Eger, Egerszalók, Demjén, Bükkszék). The beautiful historic town of Eger is at a distance of 9 kilometers, Budapest is 100 kilometers from the mansion.
A sizeable farm-house, a garage for two cars and a pantry with a separate sanitary block, a 20 m2 dry-shed, a 1200 m2 garden with play-ground  also belong to the mansion.
The transportation infrastructure is great. The roads are of good quality. The motorway can be reached in 15 minutes (20 kilometers). Public transportation is provided by buses.

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